I remember...

The other day I was watching Maria Forleo interview Dani Shapiro.  At the end of the interview Maria asked Dani to suggest a writing prompt. Dani said that one of her favorite writing prompts is, I remember...

This made me think of a conversation that I recently had my husband where I shared something that I think about a lot, but that I suddenly realized was a memory that I have all to myself. It is so vivid and deep that I wanted to create a space for it outside of myself.

Let me back up just a second with what keeps prompting this memory. Meditation is a daily ritual for me. One of my favorite meditations is a healing mediation by Kelly Howell. This memory comes up during my meditation when Kelly asks me to remember a time that I was unstoppable. 

So here goes. I remember...

I remember when I was roughly ten years old living in a haunted house (a murder had been committed there prior to our purchase). I was afraid to sleep so I would sit by the window and stare outside, waiting for the sun to rise. I felt so much safer in the light. 

Once the sun came up I would hop on my bike with cash that I had earned from waitressing at my family's restaurant tucked into my front pocket. On my single speed bike I would take off down the Highway. I would ride 3 blocks to the interstate and turn left. I was full bore now. Free from worry.

Next I would catch the frontage road that ran past Bethel University. Turning right onto E2 knowing that the hill was coming and soon I would be passing my sister's kindergarten, Valentine Hills (Oh, how I loved the name of that school). Completing the square back onto Old Hwy 8 and now I was heading back home but not before I made my stop. 

I would park my bike in front of the little cafe (later known as Key's). I would go in and belly up to the counter and order breakfast. I read the funnies in the daily paper and then Dear Ann, Dear Abby and Miss Manners. I loved the activity and the sounds of the breakfast crowd. The familiar waitress who was ALWAYS working. 

I loved the freedom I felt. The thought that no one even knew I had left the house. The way the wind felt on my face and through my hair. Paying with my own money. The independence. Earning my breakfast with exercise. The freshness of a new day. 

I loved getting home and being FULL and dropping off to sleep totally exhausted. 

What comes to mind when you hear the prompt, I remember...?

I would love to hear from you!


My Route 5.59 miles

My Route 5.59 miles