Success Stories

Brenda brings a magical coaching blend of being direct and challenging beliefs while at the same time holding a compassionate, supportive and loving space. She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions, but manages to do it in a way that invites me to dive deeper into my psyche, safely. I can feel how authentically invested she is in helping me to move toward the place I’d like to be. She cares, truly.
— Leah Boelman
Brenda creates a space that is warm and welcoming, embracing the feeling that this session was most important. As we sat “together” by phone I knew I could share openly, honestly, and authentically. Brenda brings humor, as well as honesty, as she asked questions about life. Often we would enjoy a smile or a laugh together, even as we mined the deeper depths for self discovery. I always looked forward to and was deeply blessed by the time Brenda and I spent together.
— Deb Rensink
I’ll admit I groaned when I received the questionnaire that was part of Brenda’s welcome packet for new clients. When I read, however, that I could choose to answer everything or nothing at all, I was surprised. Being afforded the choice was an excellent introduction to how Brenda works with her clients. I felt liberated and therefore freely dove into thoughtful introspection and answered all the questions. This helped me see what I most wanted to work on with Brenda during our coaching sessions. What I found most valuable working with her was her ability to sense/intuit when I wasn’t saying something – when my words, even unintentionally, masked something more. Brenda gently nudged deeper and we uncovered more than I had thought was there. She has a beautiful gift and I’m grateful for my time with her.
— Dianna Ranger
I would recommend a coaching program with Brenda because she’ll challenge you in positive, compassionate, and fun ways, looking for solutions to things you want to change or do in your life, and helping you create achievable goals toward positive results!
— C. Jolie Davis