Mini-bites of Intention

Every morning, I wrap up my practice of journaling with an "I am" statement. This is one way that I bring intention to my day. A couple of my favorites are, I am limitless, I am fearless or simply, I am. 

Lately though, I have been thinking about the specific chunks of my day where it would be helpful (and fun) to bring more intention to the moment and how to best do that.

One focus of mine right now is coaching for Moms on the run.  One of the guest speakers this year at the coach training was, Cindra Kamphoff

I found Cindra to be extremely inspiring. She has a very succinct way of living with intention in a powerful way.

In addition to the phrase, "I am", she encourages the use of the phrases, "I will" and "I can" when working with your mindset.

In practice, this might look like this:

Heading to work- I will be productive by setting my priorities and completing the top three at a minimum. I am an important contributor to the mission and vision of the company.

Heading to a coaching session- I will see past the limitations that my client sees or accepts about themselves. I am intuitive.

Heading to run - I can run for miles. I am strong.

Heading home for the day - I will be present with my family through active listening and curiosity. I am love.

And so forth.

I like the thought of going through my day, pausing to set mini-intentions. It feels grounding to me - a way to remember to stay present in a busy world.

What are your best practices for living with intention? I would love to hear them.

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