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Off the Chosen Path

It has become crystal clear to me how easy it is to get lost in the whirlwind of our circumstances. This happened to me so subtly that I didn’t even realize it was occurring. This phenomenon can happen to any of us, at any time, and to different degrees. I decided to write about my experience to remind you to take a step back and reassess your current path too.

A Little Background

I believe my purpose in this life is to help others through coaching. I also really love to give back to my community and to serve the human collective near and far. In addition, it is important to me that my services remain affordable (and therefore accessible to all) - which is why I continue to also engage in a full-time career outside of coaching.  

Living the Dream

Ever since my training with iPEC began, I have been living and breathing my life’s work. Collaborating one on one with countless individual clients and facilitating meaningful workshops along the way. Like you, I still continue to define and chase after dreams and goals that will bring me joy and help me to make the world a better place.

Goals and Dreams (and more) Goals and Dreams

One of my goals was to train with the Crisis Text Line to become a Volunteer Crisis Counselor (CC). I completed my CC training last October and started helping humans in crisis on Oct 15, 2018. I love this meaningful work. I get to save lives every day. I believe another reason I love it is because counseling humans in crisis uses many of the same tools as Life Coaching.

In addition, I continued to volunteer coach with two, near and dear to my heart, run organizations: Girls on the Run & Moms on the Run.

But something else was begging to be added to my Coaching Toolbox: forgiveness work & grief processing; largely because I began to see a need for this over and over (including in my own life).  So I sought out the Master of Forgiveness Work (and founder of The Midwest Institute for forgiveness – Mary Hayes Grieco) and began studying under her in January of this year.  I also enrolled in an ICF accredited Grief Certification program. I will earn that certification by the end of this year.

The Off-Path Discovery

Here is where I got a little lost: During the time I was adding skills and at the same time volunteer coaching for multiple organizations, my then current clients eventually completed our work together and went on their merry way. In my head though, I was still coaching (which is technically true), but I neglected to seek out any new individual clients or to create any new workshops.

There is nothing wrong with that…or is there? Yes, there is. Why? Because I know with all my heart, that my coaching practice is my true passion and my life’s calling. It is the way in which I am meant to make my contribution while I am here on planet Earth.

Getting Back on Track

Luckily, I know how to get back on track.

Maybe you are in perfect alignment with your meaningful purpose already, if so, congratulations and keep going.

If you are off your path, I want you to know how to get back on track too. You can start where I did:

1.       Clearly define your goal/dream and why it’s important to you.

2.       Check for any limiting beliefs that might be hanging you up and keeping you from moving forward. How true are they really?

3.       List and then address your obstacles, barriers, and excuses one by one.

4.       Figure out what is the first small step toward your goal/dream. Do that.

5.       Figure out what is the next small step toward your goal/dream. Do that.

6.       Repeat #5 as many times as needed.


Check out Marie Forleo’s new book, Everything is Figureoutable. There are a lot of exercises included (Marie calls them, Insight to Action Challenges) to guide you on your way. This book is unbelievably inspiring and well laid out as far as defining and executing your plan.

Consider hiring a coach. I happen to know one who just realized she has the capacity to work with up to 4 new clients. Do not die having lived an unfulfilled life. Get after it. The world needs you and your unique contributions more than ever.

Be well. Live Intentionally. Create a life you love.

Much love, Brenda